Supported Software ...

Autodesk 3ds Max
- Vray -
- Mental Ray -
- Maxwell Render -
- finalRender -
- scanline -

Autodesk Maya
- Mental Ray -
- Vray -
- Maxwell Render -
- Software Rendering -

Maxon Cinema 4D
- Vray -
- Advanced Rendering -
- finalRender -
- Maxwell Render -
- Standard Rendering -

Autodesk Softimage
- Mental Ray -

Maxwell Render
- Standard Rendering -

Luxology modo
- Standard Rendering -

Newtek Lightwave 3D
- Standard Rendering -
- Kray -

Distributed Still Render
- 3ds Max -
- Maya (MR) -
- Cinema 4D  -
- Softimage  -
- Maxwell Render -
- modo -

Standalone Software
- Maxwell Render -
- Eon Vue -

... of our Renderfarm

Welcome to REBUSfarm,

the first render farm in the world with seamless integration into your 3D software. Put 1.000 CPUs on your desktop, in the easiest way and at the most affordable price.

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What's the REBUS Render Farm?

The REBUS Render Farm provides you with 1.000 CPUs right away to render your still-images and animations. No matter which 3D-application you're using: We support them all!Render Farm 3d Renderfarm

Whether you have to meet close deadlines or permanently need a reliable partner for your renderings - our renderfarm service is fast, safe and easy, thanks to our unique technology, the Farminizer Software.

We're the only render farm that utilizes a system which seamlessly integrates into your 3D software. Developed by the REBUS Renderfarm the Farminizer Software renders your animation-projects with just a simple click.

The Farminizer is an extremely robust piece of software, which has proven it's worth a thousand times in the daily production workflow with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, MODO, Lightwave and Maxwell.

Furthermore the Farminizer Software automatically checks the completeness and compatibility of your data. Expensive mishaps, as they happen with other render farms, are impossible. Incorrect render jobs are a thing of the past! That's our guarantee as the market leader. Also our Render Farm Manager gives you complete control over your costs.

Our renderfarm staff manually checks scene-consistency, file-transfers and the rendering process.


Render farm facts

1.000 Intel XEON E5645
6.000 physical cores
64bit OS Win 7
je 24 GB RAM

One-Click-Technology Application plugged-in

green energy

Render Farm Contact:

ICQ 306765642
Office time MEZ: