Supported Software ...

Autodesk 3ds Max
- Vray -
- Mental Ray -
- Maxwell Render -
- finalRender -
- scanline -

Autodesk Maya
- Mental Ray -
- Vray -
- Maxwell Render -
- Software Rendering -

Maxon Cinema 4D
- Vray -
- Advanced Rendering -
- finalRender -
- Maxwell Render -
- Standard Rendering -

Autodesk Softimage
- Mental Ray -

Maxwell Render
- Standard Rendering -

Luxology modo
- Standard Rendering -

Newtek Lightwave 3D
- Standard Rendering -
- Kray -

Distributed Still Render
- 3ds Max -
- Maya (MR) -
- Cinema 4D  -
- Softimage  -
- Maxwell Render -
- modo -

Standalone Software
- Maxwell Render -
- Eon Vue -

... of our Renderfarm

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Price list

The price per GHzh is 3.9 cent, independent of the software used. For this price your renderjob will normally start immediately without any waiting time in the REBUS Render Farm! With our staggered discounts we can offer prices of up to 1.6 cent / GHzh. To our knowledge this makes us the most affordable rendering service worldwide.


Discount system

The discount is automatically granted when you buy Renderpoints equivalent to the amount payable. The discount is valid per purchase, not per render job or project. With each new purchase of Renderpoints, the discount will newly assessed.

To get the best discount possible, you should buy the necessary amount of Renderpoints for your render job before starting to render. Unused Renderpoints cannot be exchanged for Euros, however. The Renderpoints remain in your account to be used for your next render job. Renderpoints never expire.

Alternatively, you can purchase 30% of the Renderpoints at the start of the render job, and buy the remaining 70% after the job has been rendered. The advantage with this method is that no Renderpoints will be left in your REBUSfarm account.

For both discount strategies you need to go to My REBUS -> ShopProfile and allow negative Renderpoints (Default=Off). Otherwise the rendering will be cancelled as soon as your account is overdrawn.

The estimated costs for your project can be calculated using our cost calculator. You can also find additional explanations of Renderpoints and Payment in the Help section. Payments can be made in My REBUS -> Payments.

Volume Discount Price / GHzh
3.9 cent
>40,000 GHzh
3.5 cent
>80,000 GHzh 20% 3.1 cent
>160,000 GHzh 30% 2.7 cent
>320,000 GHzh 40% 2.3 cent
>640,000 GHzh 50% 2.0 cent
>1,280,000 GHzh 60% 1.6 cent

Render Farm Home

Render farm facts

1.000 Intel XEON E5645
6.000 physical cores
64bit OS Win 7
je 24 GB RAM

One-Click-Technology Application plugged-in

green energy

Render Farm Contact:

ICQ 306765642
Office time MEZ: